3D Pool Pro Version 2.5 Released
The latest version of 3D Pool Pro has been released! This version adds an automatic, online player ranking system. Often what makes the most exciting game of pool is a close match with a competant opponent. When searching for an opponent online, every player's skill ranking will be publicly visible. With this ranking to guide you, you will find yourself always able to play the perfect game of pool against the perfect opponent, whenever you want!

The new demo is available through this link or on the Downloads page.
The full version remains at the low, low price of only $16!
Top Ten Games on
This week marks the second week in a row of 3D Pool Pro's visit to the top-ten list on Thanks to tremendous response to the release of version 2.0, with its improved graphics and gameplay, 3D Pool Pro moves from the #10 spot to the #9 spot on the list of top-ten most popular games on
   Clearly having established its place as the most popular in the Sports category, 3D Pool Pro is now in the running with the best of the best. Special thanks go out to customers and fans. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed playing the new version online. Remember, if you like the game, you can continue playing past the 5-day free trial, by registering here. You will also get unlimited plays against the AI, as well as a complete career game against a dozen different players through five arenas! Downloads
  • 8,861 Downloads for the week ending Dec 5, 2004.
  • 38,229 Total downloads so far.

3D Pool Pro Statistics
  • Over 50,000 downloads world-wide (estimated).
  • 18,407 games played online before Dec 7, 2004.
  • 3,712 internet games played for the first week of December.
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3D Pool Pro Version 2.0 Released
The latest version of 3D Pool Pro has been released! The new version features massive updates to the graphics, resulting in a far more realistic appearance. Improved menu graphics, realistic static and dynamic shadows, and automatic full-scene 4x multisample antialiasing on supporting hardware all in addition to the already perfect physics and supreme AI all add to the realism of 3D Pool Pro, creating the most emersive and enjoyable pool experience ever!
In addition it adds five days of free Internet play to the shareware version! Use the PeerSpyTM browser, built in to the game, to search for other players online on VideoWorks' server! There should be hundreds.
The new version also features much improved performance, and various other enhancements. The new demo is available through this link or on the Downloads page.
The unlimited full version may be purchased here for only $16!
Bytten Reviews 3D Pool Pro
The excellent Independant Games website Bytten has recently published a comprehensive review of 3D Pool Pro. Bytten is a small, independantly run games website that does a surprising number of reviews on an extremely wide variety of independant games. You'll see reviews of games on this site that you likely wouldn't find anywhere else on the internet. With a new in-depth review every single week, there's always something interesting to read on Bytten.
The feel of the game is just about perfect, better than any other pool game I've played. The mouse controlled cue action really gives the player a feel for the weight of the ball.
3D Pool Pro is a good pool game that does what a pool player would expect in a way that a computer gamer would appreciate.
For the complete review, click here. There are also a few other interesting features and well writen articles on the site in addition to the outstanding reviews.


3D Pool Pro Version 1.5 Released
The latest version of 3D Pool Pro has been released yesterday. As previously announced, the new version adds network and Internet play to the full version! Use PeerSpyTM browser, built in to the game, to search for other players online on VideoWorks' server or on your local network!
Other additions and enhancements to the new version include better performance on most computers, especially those with older video cards, improved graphics, and a completely reworked interface. Use the new menus to tweak all aspects of gameplay. The new demo is available through this link or on the Downloads page.
Network and internet play is available in the full version, which may be purchased here for only $16!
Game Tunnel Reviews 3D Pool Pro
The Independant Games website Game Tunnel has reviewed 3D Pool Pro. Focusing on the Indie scene, Game Tunnel has reviewed hundreds of independantly produced games in the past, as well as providing news and information on the industry.
3D Pool Pro recreates the game [of pool] in an intuitive and fun way. Fans of pool should definitely look into this game.
For the complete review, click below. Also be sure to check out the many other features Game Tunnel has to offer, as it is a great site for becoming familiar with the independant games industry.      
Optimized for NVidia
Due to some additional bugs being discovered, the release of version 1.5 of 3D Pool Pro has been delayed until all problems can be ironed out. The development has been entirely performed on NVidia Geforce video cards, namely the GeForce 2, 4, FX 5200, and FX 5600. These cards have shown no graphical bugs, however any bug reports, especially those from players using ATI cards would be highly appreciated. Hopefully all bugs will be addressed within the next week or so. However, in the meantime, for those experiencing the "disappearing menu" bug, this is a known bug on some older video cards. After playing a match and returning to the menu, the menu may disappear after a few seconds. This only happens in full screen mode. The best way to avoid this bug is to use the menus in windowed mode, and then switch back to fullscreen when the game starts. Fullscreen / Windowed modes may be toggled at any time by using the Alt+Enter keys.
Internet and LAN Support Under Development
Currently under development, version 1.5 of 3D Pool Pro will support further options for playing friends and family, as well as new friends over the internet! Supporting networked play between two computers over a local network or the Internet, the new version makes use of VideoWork's all-new "PeerSpy"TM player matching technology to help players find opponents in the same room, or across the world. The new version will be beginning private beta-testing by the end of this week, and is scheduled for a release within two weeks. Current registered users will be provided with a private link by email where they will be able to download an upgrade.
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3D Pool Pro version 1.0 Added to!
Click the button at right to download the Demo version directly from! If you already have the demo, you can buy the full version for $16 from this link!
3D Pool Pro Retail version 1.0
Buy Now, only $16!
The full, retail version of 3D Pool Pro is available! You can buy it for only $16!
3D Pool Pro Shareware,
version 1.0 released
3D Pool Pro is approaching a final commercial release. The full registered version will be available for purchase in a few days. In the meantime, the trial version is available on the Downloads page.
3D Pool Pro Website Launched
3D Pool Pro goes live. An entertaining pool simulation featuring advanced artificial intelligence, physics simulation, and a complete career mode. Don't settle for stale 2D graphics and amateur gameplay, try 3D Pool Pro! Check out the features!